1. Delivery times are estimates and are provided by the shipping company, United Parcel Service. Selly Djap LLC cannot guarantee a delivery date, please view the carrier website for all of their shipping terms and policies. We provide a tracking number with every order and ship all orders via UPS Ground. Since the packages are high value, all shipments are insured, require a signature upon delivery, and cannot be rerouted from the provided shipping address.
  2. In addition to delivery times, please allow between 7-10 business days for the manufacturing of your luxury clothing, as Selly Djap LLC is a made-to-order luxury brand.
  3. Please select your preferred shipping destination for shipping options, delivery times, shipping costs and all other information. Please note different Terms & Conditions may apply for different shipping destinations.
  4. Every package shipped to the Continental United States and Alaska/Hawaii includes complimentary shipping and return shipping. International orders are subject to shipping charges and may be subject to the customs charges for your country. Please contact your customs office to learn about any possible charges before placing your order; Selly Djap LLC is not responsible for any customs charges.
  5. Please note: we do not deliver to freight forwarding addresses or PO Boxes.


  1. Exchanges Policy
    • Exchanges can be made online for orders before 7 a.m. the next business day through filling out the Return/Exchange Form.

    • After delivery, purchases can be exchanged for another size by completing the Return/Exchange Form.

  2. Returning Your Purchase
    • Free returns are available worldwide for all full price items within 30 days of shipping, provided the return conditions specified below are met. Instructions are provided below.

    • How To Return Your Purchase

      • Please place the item(s) in the original shipping box or any other suitable box.

      • Complete the Return/Exchange Form.

      • After we have processed your form, you will receive a Return/Exchange

      • Confirmation Form and return label.

      • Place the Return/Exchange Confirmation Form in the box and attach the return label to the outside of the box.

      • Important: We do not accept liability for goods returned using any method other than our collection service. Please be sure to keep the receipt when turning a package over to the carrier.

    • Return Conditions

      • Purchases must be returned from the original shipping country with the original Return/Exchange Form.

      • Items returned must be in their unused original condition with all Selly Djap item tags attached and any related accessories or instruction booklets included.

      • Incomplete, damaged, worn, soiled or altered returns or anything Selly Djap LLC reasonably believes has been used, will not be accepted and therefore sent back to the customer. Where an item is supplied with a hygiene strip, the item can only be returned if the hygiene strip has not been removed and remains intact.

  3. Receiving A Refund
    • Refunds will be credited to the original purchaser's method of payment.

    • On receipt of a return, we will process the refund as soon as possible upon inspection of your garment. Used garments and any damaged garments will be returned to the customer and not be refunded. Credit card refunds are processed immediately after inspection, and refunds will appear on your credit card statement based upon processing times with your credit card bank. Refunds via PayPal are processed through PayPal and subject to PayPal‚Äôs refund policies.

    • If the item which you are returning was purchased in a currency other than your local currency, any refund will be paid in the same currency as purchase. Due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the amount refunded may be higher or lower than the original price paid.