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Explore the transformation from innocence to experience and visualize the evocative stories that inspired this collection. Our story juxtaposes childhood innocence and excitement with beauty, sensuality, and an exploration of faith.

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Traditionally, women have been repressed members of society by men, shamed for their bodies and sexuality, held to brutal double standards, and silenced by religion and other institutions.

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Before this time in a woman's life, she exists in a state of innocence, and innocence is where the collecion and campaign commence.

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At a time in every woman's life, she enters into a period of transformation from innocence to experience, and starts to discover her sexuality while emerging into a mature and beautiful self.

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Despite the constant shame and negativity throughout history and society, we empower womento embrace their beauty and sexuality.

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Through our Christian beliefs, we believe that every woman has been gifted through Grace a beautiful body and the freedom to embrace her sexuality.

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The beauty of Grace is something that is unmerited, and gifted to all women. 

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Through God's Love and Grace, every woman has the license to embrace her beauty and sexuality, and not be shamed for expressing herself.

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The beautiful aspect of God's Love and Grace is the freedom to express who you are without fear of being judged.

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At the end, everyone is welcomed to the table of God regardless of how they express their beauty and sexuality.

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The SS18 Campaign was produced at Coney Island, USA.

Production Team
Photographer: Matthew Hall Productions, LLC
Model: Hannah Biton, AURA Model MGT NYC
HMUA: Paula La Bloise