1. Methods of Payment
    • Selly Djap accepts the following methods of payment: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

  2. Payment Conditions
    • For your security, the billing name and address must match the credit card or other method used for payment. Any PayPal account used must be in the name shown on your government-issued identification document. Selly Djap LLC reserves the right to cancel any order that does not comply with this or with our other security criteria.

    • Your card or another method of payment will be charged immediately during checkout. Payment will be taken for pre-ordered items when your order is placed during checkout.

    • State and local sales tax may be added to merchandise delivered to the following state(s): NY.

    • Your sales tax will be automatically calculated and added to your order during checkout.

    • Please note: All orders are placed with Selly Djap LLC, which is a US entity, therefore your card issuer or payment method provider may apply other international bank charges. In addition, if your credit/debit card or other methods of payment is not denominated in the currency of your purchase, the final price will be charged in the currency of your card. This will be calculated and charged by your card issuer. Selly Djap LLC has no control over these charges and cannot predict the amount. Please contact your issuing bank for further information before placing your order.

  3. Which Currency Will My Purchases Be Made In?
    • All purchases and shipping costs are charged in the nominated USD currency, regardless of the shipping destination.

  4. When Will I Be Charged?
    • Your card or other methods of payment will be charged during checkout.

  5. Is Saving My Card Secure?
    • When ordering online, there may be an option to save your card details meaning you can check out more quickly the next time you place an order. Our site uses Secure Socket Layering (SSL) encryption technology to encrypt your payment details.

    • If you wish to change these details, please visit My Account and click on Account Details.

    • PayPal account details cannot be saved.

    • Please see our Privacy Statement.

  6. Why Was My Credit/Debit Card or Other Payment Method Declined At Checkout?
    • If you receive notification that your credit or debit card or other payment method has been declined, please contact your issuing bank or payment provider. Before doing so, please ensure that:

      • The card details or payment information entered are correct. For instance, your 16-digit code is correct, and that you have selected the right card type

      • The 3 or 4-digit security number is correct

      • Your credit card has not expired

    • If you have saved your card details or payment information we also recommend that you:

      • Check that the selected card or method of payment is active and that it has not expired

      • Ensure that the billing address matches the credit card or payment method used for payment

        • You can edit saved credit card details or payment information by selecting the ‘Update Billing Address’ button and following the instructions

      • Ensure you have supplied a correct 3 or 4-digit security number for the selected card or payment method