SS18: Joli Beauty Bar NYC

Welcome to our first blog post at Selly Djap! Our blog will be focused on the stories of individuals who wear our evening wear, and hopefully give you inspiration for your own unique sense of style!

At Selly Djap, we firmly believe that every person is beautiful and should be allowed to express themselves for who they are. Every individual can experience the Grace of God, and no matter their choices, still be welcomed into our family.

Michelle Carchi

Michelle Carchi

With our evening wear, getting ready for the night out is an important step that shouldn't be overlooked! Our dresses and outfits tend to make a statement just by themselves, so we recommend a nude or more toned down look with your makeup and a simple style with your hair.

Our beloved Michelle Carchi is wearing our Embroidered Cami and Pleated Pants, and is getting ready at Joli Beauty Bar in SoHo for the evening out! The cami and pants are best worn at social events, parties, mixers, and other informal gatherings that you need to dress up for. The cami also makes a great piece to wear on a date when combined with other garments in your closet! Mix and match to create a style that is uniquely you!

A big thanks to the ladies at Joli Beauty Bar in SoHo for helping us get ready for the evening and letting us use their salon as a photo studio!

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