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FW18: Trauma

Selly Djap’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection, Trauma, embodies the struggle of childhood trauma and the transition into recovery through early adulthood. Based on the life of the designer, and taking inspiration from popular culture, the women’s movements of the early 20th Century, and the recent movements of #metoo and #whyiwearblack, the FW18 collection is a cathartic creation that aims to empower other women and remind everyone that through trauma, one is never alone, and healing is possible through Grace, in the form of forgiveness. The collection of 9 outfits illustrates the experience of trauma, from being unaware of the abuse taking place, fighting back against the perpetrator, hiding the abuse from oneself, to finally experiencing post growth and healing.

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SS18: Sex

The Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, Sex, features the transformation from innocence to experience, and is a reflection of Selly Djap's experience from moving to New York from Indonesia. While Indonesian culture is very conservative and does not talk about sex, American culture, is well, American culture when it comes to sex: We see it everywhere and talk about it constantly.

Each look was individually crafted to represent a different path that one can take with their sexuality, however, each path that one can take with their sexuality is valued equally by God. Through Grace, everyone is welcome to join God's family no matter who you are and experience unconditional love.

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